b'DESCRIPTION INFO PRODUCT CODE CASE QTY.Marvins Magic Snow Create wonderful, realistic and fluffy snow simply byMM SIS 12adding water! This magical powder magically transforms into realistic snow!Zorbi Magic Flying SaucerThe incredible Zorbi Flying Saucer appears to float and fly - just like magic! Creates beautiful, hypnotic light effects.IST 4503 24Become a flying sorcerer and learn how to fly the Zorbi around your body and even land on the palm of your hand! A startling and impressive magic trick!Sixty Greatest Magic TricksIncludes sixty amazing magic tricks to amaze plus easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions and now videoMMT 6001 24instructions via the free Marvins Magic app. Features the Dynamic Coins, Vanishing Handkerchief, Svengali Magic Cards and more. Ages 8- Adult. Sixty Greatest Light Illusions Astounding and dazzling light effects at your fingertips. Includes the best selling Lights from Anywhere plus otherMMT 6002 24incredible light illusions!Ages 8- Adult. Sixty Incredible Card Tricks A superb collection of the most amazing card tricks in the Marvins Magic range. Features special pack of cards,MMT 6003 24miracle card case, jumbo prediction card and more!Ages 8- Adult. 21'