b'DESCRIPTION INFO PRODUCT CODE CASE QTY.Big Top CircusEverything you need to join the circus! Includes jugglingMMC 6001 6balls, kazoo, modelling balloons and pump, acrobatic worm, crazy clown nose, glasses and more!Wicked Pranks & JokesA hilarious collection of mischief making jokes, seriously funny stunts and up-to-date pranks for the modern dayMM WPJ 6joker. Discretion advised!DEMONSTRATION FAVOURITESMarvins Magic Drawing Board The fun and educational drawing and colourful toy forMM MALO/PC 35ages 4-104! Create endless colourful pictures and effects without any paints or crayonsand no mess! Marvins Magic PensA high quality collection of amazing magic pens. IncludesMM PEN25 24colour change pens, invisible pens and much more to create magical techniques, patterns and pictures.Glow ArtCreate amazing glowing pictures that transform and change colour! 36 built-in lighting effects make your artIST 4504 (black) 25come to life! Trace using the see-through drawing screen!IST 4505 (pink)Includes 4 different coloured fluorescent markers and built-in stand for displaying your masterpiece.20'