b'DESCRIPTION INFO PRODUCT CODE CASE QTY.Fifty Hilarious Jokes and PranksIncludes everything you need to create hilarity. EntertainMMT 129 24your friends with side-splitting jokes and pranks. Age 8 - Adult.Fifty Outrageous Scams and Hustles Everything you need for the perfect hustle. Confuse yourMMT 137 24friends with these outrageous scams!Age 8 - Adult.Fifty Ways to Cheat at Gambling Includes everything you ever need to win, win, win!MMT 132 24Loaded dice, marked cards, audacious cheats and wagers!Age 8 - Adult.Fifty Amazing Pub Tricks A happy hour of incredible magic tricks, bar bets andMMT 123 36stunts!Recommended by the Prince of Wales, Duke of Marlborough and other well-known pubs!Thirty Awesome Card Tricks /Thirty Cheeky Chat Up TricksMMG 003 Little boxes containing a fun collection of card tricks andMMG 004 24chat up lines.Age 8 - Adult.17'