b'DESCRIPTION INFO PRODUCT CODE CASE QTY.UNBELIEVABLE RANGESvengali Magic CardsWith these superb cards, you will soon have the reputation of being a master card magician. Includes fullyMMU 1228 24illustrated instructions and routines.Age 8 - Adult.Wizard Magic Cards This extraordinary pack of magic cards enables you to perform many mystifying card tricks. These cards reallyMM 1229.D 24give you the edge!Age 8 - Adult.Lights from AnywhereA mysterious light appears from anywhere. You canMMU 0201apparently control the light, make it jump from hand to24hand and appear and disappear at will.Age 8 - Adult.Dynamic CoinsThis beautiful, precision-made brass trick enables you to perform an intriguing and unbelievable sequence ofMMU 1106 24effects with coinsmake them appear, disappear and even transforma real reputation maker! Age 8 - Adult.15'