b'DESCRIPTION INFO PRODUCT CODE CASE QTY.SIMPLY MAGIC 2020Simply Magic - Mini TricksAn amazing collection of pocket money tricks from theNEW 2020 MME 0126 24 UNITSMagic Made Easy series. Four different sets to collect. For magicians aged 6+.Simply Magic - Marvins Magic Box of TricksEasy-to-perform Magic Made Easy tricks, with clearly illustrated instruction booklet plus video instructionsNEW 2020 MME 0118 6via the free Marvins Magic app. The perfect start forFOB Orders Onlyany budding magician! A superb introduction into the fascinating world of magic.For magicians aged 6 +.Simply Magic - Marvins Magic Hat Full to the brim with 150 amazing magic tricks, this sturdy top hat includes fully illustrated instructions plusNEW 2020 MME 0135 6bonus video instructions via the free Marvins Magic app.FOB Orders OnlyAlso features an amazing augmented reality rabbit that performs tricks! For magicians aged 6 +.Simply Magic - Marvins Amazing Magic TricksAn amazing bumper selection of 300 easy to performNEW 2020tricks, making it a great choice for any budding magician. FOB Orders Only MME 0130 6These special edition sets are made to order and ideal for promotional offers. For magicians aged 6+.11'